We are looking for dedicated, qualified volunteers who can tutor, mentor, and lead at-risk youth as they seek to transform their lives.


Would you like to make a difference in someone’s life?

At Ruby’s Foster Village, we work with young men who are at-risk, homeless, and have aged out of the foster care system. These young men require mentorship, leadership and practical guidance along with proper food, rest and a safe place to stay. Here’s how you can help us make a difference:

  • Donate Your Time
    We’re in need of volunteers who can help with an email newsletter, social media campaigns, community partnerships, college partnerships and fundraising. We are also looking for volunteer professionals and mentors in the following areas:

    • Board Members

    • Teachers

    • Social Workers

    • Coaches

    • Professors

    • Police Officers

    • Doctors

    • Nurses

    • Engineers

    • Psychologists

    • Lawyers

    • Financial Educators

    • Parents

    • Caregivers

    • Uncupured Pastors

    • College Interns

​           To volunteer, please contact us.

  • Donate Supplies 
    Help us keep costs down by donating the important items on our wish list. Urgent needs include blankets, sheets, disposable razors, soap, toiletries for young men, paper towels, office supplies, postage for Blessing Boxes, gift cards for gas & transportation, and home goods.

  • Donate Your Vehicle
    Do you have a reliable vehicle to donate? We could use one.