They Are More Than Their Circumstances

We at Ruby’s Foster Village stand at the front lines in the war against poverty by empowering young men and women to take charge of their lives as they traverse the road to adulthood. For foster youth and emancipated foster youth, this is often a treacherous path, and one for which they are not prepared. How do we meet this challenge? The answer is simple, yet powerful: Mentoring.

Mentoring changes lives. Studies prove that mentoring youth can result in positive outcomes with academic achievement, physical well-being, and socio-emotional competence, including better self-awareness, self-confidence, decision-making and leadership skills, and the ability to set and reach personal goals. Yet for foster youth and recently emancipated foster youth, mentoring relationships may not be easily accessible. That’s where we can make a profound difference: by matching dynamic, empowered adults who have overcome their own challenges with youth who need their help.

According to recent studies, 9 million youth from across America feel that as life closes upon them, they have no adults to talk to. For foster youth, who may have been uprooted time and again throughout their lives, this disconnect is even more overwhelming, resulting in little or no support at school, estrangement from the community, a greater likelihood to become homeless or turn to a life of crime, and lack of knowledge of how to prepare or look for opportunities. Youth with mentors have a 55% greater chance of attending college, are 78% more likely to get involved in their community, and are 130% more likely to exhibit leadership and confidence.

Mentors are caring adults who want to “Pay it forward,” by helping youth creating positive, fulfilling lives that contribute to a better, impassioned society for all. Mentors make a profound difference by helping youth:

  • Discover, activate and develop leadership skills that build confidence and inspire them to achieve greatness;

  • Embrace the belief that circumstances don’t define their future;

  • Interrupt patterns of limiting beliefs by identifying their unique talents and creating a life path that leverages those talents for success;

  • Shift their Mindset and Heartset through action and support that empowers them to manifest a better future; and

  • Create a transformative learning experience that says, “I BELIEVE IN YOU!”

  • Every child, every youth, has greatness within, just waiting to be discovered. These young men and women possess the innate power to do more with their lives, but they need your help.

Won’t you join us to make a difference in their lives?

Contact us to learn more about becoming a mentor and transforming lives!

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