Our Vision

Our vision is, at-risk youth will learn to dismiss their limiting beliefs. Know that they are bigger than their circumstances, reset their mindset and strive to their fullest potential.

Our Mission

The mission at Ruby’s Foster Village is to provide stable housing with onsite coaching, mentoring, daily life skills training and collaborating initiatives with agencies to advance stability, educational achievement, productivity and financial independence for youth to reside independently in their communities.

Our Goal

Each youth will become inspired and motivated to activate the shift needed to play big, unleash their inner power and step into their greatness.

Our Work

  • We will provide 24 hours supervised housing for homeless at-risk youth 18-25 years old male.
  • We will provide onsite daily life skills training with our youth facilitating the groups and taking on leadership roles.
  • Our objective is to collaborate and create an array of services partnering with businesses in our communities to start an initiative to employ, train and hire youth for the position they desire.
  • The residence will be 24 hours supervised, fully staffed with a program director, psychologist, social worker, coaches, mentors, nurse, and volunteers our objective is to collaborate and form partnerships with businesses in our communities to start the initiatives to employ, train and hire youth for the position they were trained.
  • Youth will work closely with staffs and their support team to achieve their goals.
  • All of our services are free to the youths because of your generosity, Thank you. 

  • We will seek to educate staff at multiple state Department Of Motor Vehicle locations about the at-risk youth population and work with DMV to create the initiatives to implement programs that will allow accommodations for youth with limitations to take the test for their permit or drivers license and most importantly to comply with the law in the state.
  •  We will seek to form partnership and work with social service agencies to ensure that our youth are educated about the availability of services and how to appropriately utilize those services
  • We will collaborate and work with officials in various law enforcement departments to educate and form programs that will reduce the high rate of high recidivism among at-risk youth.
  • We will provide educational advocacy, actively work with teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, case managers and staff members from the child’s study team to support our youth educational outcome


  • We will provide onsite tutoring in reading and computer literacy to support, our youth educational achievement.
  • We will support and help youth to find and enroll in vocational training programs, GED programs, high school, and college
  • We will provide one on one and group coaching and mentoring, to inspire and motivate youth to unleash their inborn drive to transform their lives.
  • We will encourage and educate youth who need mental health treatment to seek and maintain treatment, staff will maintain contact with therapists and psychiatrists to support youth in treatment
  • We will provide domestic violence abuse educational training and make appropriate referrals to advance the youth’s awareness about how to resolve conflicts without physical or verbal abuse.
  • We will provide one on one and Group substance abuse counseling and make the appropriate referral to educate our youth about the danger of substance abuse and to refrain from the use of all legal an illegal substance.
  • We will work with our financial establishment in our community to form an initiative to teach financial literacy to improve our youth financial management skills.


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