Ruby was an eight-year-old child living on the island of Jamaica. As a child, Ruby was turned into a slave by a family member. Instead of getting an education or having carefree days enjoying her beautiful surroundings, she spent her time taking care of a large family of seven. Serving as a day laborer on individuals farms to pay back for labor that granted/given to her family. If she wasn’t at home cooking, washing or cleaning, Ruby would be sent out to help other farmers in the community providing trade labor in the fields or carrying water to support the family she served. Instead of allowing this horrible childhood of neglect, poverty and lack of opportunity make her bitter she in return found strength from her experience and grew up to be a light of love to all who had the privilege to meet her. Ruby showed and gave her children unparalleled an unconditional love. While taking care of her own family, Ruby then took in other individuals who was in need of a place to stay and gave them the same unrivaled love as if they were own family .Ruby became that light that guided so many others on the right path with love and kindness.Ruby had the determination to see that her children would have a better life.

She encouraged her daughter Novelette Bowen to excel in school and to always to do her best no matter what obstacles is placed in front of her. Through Ruby unwavering love and support her daughter holds a master’s degree in Human Services and led on an impressive 30 year career in social services.

Ruby’s investment in Novelette’s well-being planted the seed of confidence for Novelette to dedicate her life to doing the same thing for others. Novelette then became a foster parent in 2007 and it didn’t take her long to know that she’d found the community that needed her help the most. She is committed to serving children in need in an impactful way; she created Ruby’s Foster Village, Inc. a non-profit organization to make a greater impact. There was no other name more fitting than to honor her divine assignment and her mother then Ruby’s Foster Village, Inc.

Novelette Bowen Founder and Executive Director Novelette has dedicated her life to helping youth in need to have a better chance in life. This inspired her to create Ruby’s Foster Village RFV in 2014. Her background in social services for over 30 years, includes helping youth at risk in foster care, case management services to people with mental illness and working directly with individuals with developmental disabilities in residential settings. She also served as a chapter leader for the foster parent’s treatment homes association. Novelette has the experience and expertise to provide leadership to RFV. She holds a Masters Degree in Human Services from Lincoln University (PA).