We inspire, motivate, and empower at-risk youth through mentoring, education, tutoring, and support.


Novelette Bowen

Founder & Executive Director

I'm committed to their success!


I’m a mom, a foster mom, a Personal Empowerment Coach, a Founder/Executive Director, and an inspirational speaker who believes in exciting possibilities that can be found in the undiscovered abilities of our children and youth. Through mentoring, education, and support, I am dedicated to combating poverty by building on the innate genius of these kids, and help them create meaningful, fulfilling lives that empower them to contribute to society in a positive way.

I’m looking for like minded gladiators who oppose poverty for at-risk youth, who are in foster care and for youth who have emancipated or aged out of the foster care system, to help RFV through mentoring, education, leadership acquirement, and personal development to unlock a future for themselves that is free from homelessness, a high rate of recidivism, unemployment, and sex exploitation.

Please join me in my quest to create positive change in the lives of these kids who need us the most!

Rosene Compaine

CASA Volunteer

"Novelette is a tireless and well- informed advocate for at- risk youth. She would be an asset to any advocacy team."

Jim Schnell

CASA Volunteer

"[Novelette] has a deep understanding of the challenges these children face, and the insight, experience, and training to engender their trust, build hope, and create accountability. I see them listen when she encourages them to "keep it real," and they accept and respond to her empathetic but tough love, because they know she is all about their best interest. She makes a profound difference in their lives."